About Me

I live in Oakland, California with my wonderful techie husband who helped me put together this blog. I am a graduate of the Multicultural Urban Secondary English (MUSE) Program at UC Berkeley and have been teaching for the past several years at Berkeley High School. BHS is a large, 3200 student, urban high school – the only high school in the diverse community of Berkeley, California.

I’ve had some big changes in recent months, including getting married, and I am very excited about my trip this summer. I’m a bit worried about missing out on prime farmer’s market season here in northern California (mmmm… tomatoes, basil, strawberries), beautiful summertime biking weather, the release of the latest book in the Twilight series, and being away from my husband for so long, but I’ve wanted to go to India for a very long time, and I feel very honored to get to participate in this program.

Thanks to Chris Chan for permission to use his photo on the header of my blog, which is under Creative Commons License and the original is on Flickr.