Reading, Reading, Reading

My students will be happy, or possibly terrified, to know that I was given a lot of reading to do in time for our predeparture orientation in Austin next week.  They emailed us last week to let us know they’d be putting it in the mail, and the 5 books and 3 articles they’d like us to read arrived on Monday.  Yes, my dears, 1,000 pages of reading in 7 days or less.

In itself, that’s pretty intimidating, but I also have a stack of books that I’ve been working my way through on my own.  The new reading is interfering with my plans to reread old India- and Sri Lanka-related loves like Anil’s Ghost by Michael Ondaatje. And things like buying malaria medication and full-length skirts are interfering with my reading time.

On the new Readings page, I’ve posted the full list of my recent literary occupations, including the reading list for orientation.  I’ve already read the first article about ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka, which gives some fascinating historical information, and I’m currently reading In Spite of the Gods, which is really excellent, especially considering the difficulty I have with book-length nonfiction.

A picture from our party celebrating our wedding:

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    hahahaaha chocolate n strawberry yum

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    Samantha? Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, write me! I’m Marina Yaremenko from Primorsky region. I live in Moscow for five last years…

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